Sunday, February 23, 2014

Character Design for Animation: Week 2 and Week 3

Going to make an effort to post my homework that I do for class this time. I'm currently taking the online Character Design for Animation class through CG Master Academy with Nate Wragg as the instructor. I'm enjoying it a lot so far and it's great to see other people's work.

I was out of town when the first week started so I don't have a post for the first lesson, but I hope to make that up when I get a chance.

Week 02
Assignment: Medieval Crusader

Silhouette explorations

Final design - will rework
Lost a bit of the dynamism from my early silhouette explorations. Proportions should be more exaggerated for a better read. I had fun doing the research on this one, didn't realize there were so many different types of Crusaders and uniforms.

Week 03
Assignment: Pirate Character Line up

Chinese pirates
 Even though I started concepting earlier, I didn't focus on the two outside characters enough in the sketching/concepting phase. Tried to tie them down without fully understanding what I wanted to do with them. It was also tricky since the reference material wasn't as abundant than if I was to research Caribbean/European pirates. More research will be needed. I hope to go back and clean it up the lines and reinforce the shape language better.

and... here's a capybara!