Monday, March 17, 2014

Character Design for Animation Week 06: Searle and Jay Ward

This week's assignment was to practice working the style of another artist. Two actually. Nate was explaining that as an artist, sometimes you will be working for a studio that requires you to match a certain style. The exercise was to design/draw a dragon in the styles of Ronald Searle and Jay Ward.

Ronald Searle is mostly a pen and ink guy, with the occasional wash of color/tones. Think 101 Dalmations and Jay Ward is the mastermind behind Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Here are some samples pieces:

Jay Ward

As you can see, both artist have a very different aesthetic. Here is my stab at the design challenge. I drew a chicken dragon since birds are the descendants of the great Dinosaurs. Dragons are basically winged-dinosaurs (besides the pteradactyl). Ward on the left and Searle on the right.

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